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Tackling Challenging Behaviours

Expert Guidance

Are you struggling with your child’s challenging behaviours? 

Does your child seem like a different person at home compared to school?

Does your child go from 0-60 when things don't go their way?

All children can have tough days and can display behaviors that do not show their best selves.  However, most children will learn to manage frustration, deal with disappointment and tolerate "no" without resorting to total meltdown.  

Children with communication disorders, development delays, or autism spectrum disorders (ASD) often struggle with communication, social interaction, repetitive behaviour and rigidity with daily routines. And many children without these diagnosed disorders can struggle too.

We listen with care and compassion and provide expert guidance and solutions for various challenging behaviours. We help determine if the child has a skill deficit or performance deficit and plan out what needs to be taught to address these behaviours.

Challenging behaviour, such as aggression, tantrums, and non-cooperative behaviour are often a primary concern of parents and teachers. Using modern behavioural science, we observe and analyze to better understand the reason for the behaviour.  This allows us to change the variables that have been learned and maintained by the environment they are in, and gently teach socially acceptable replacement behaviours. 

We use scientifically proven interventions to benefit children with social, communication, and behavioural challenges.

We can provide:

  • Functional Behaviour Assessments

  • Development of Behaviour Support Plans

  • Self-management strategies that empower the learner to independently manage their own behaviour

  • Direct work with children and adolescents to identify triggers, use self-regulation strategies, and practice socially appropriate responses

  • Coaching for parents, teachers and caregivers to adapt the environment to decrease the likelihood of challenging behaviour

  • Coaching for parents, teachers and caregivers to use the principles of behavioural science to increase cooperative behaviour with everyday tasks and activities

Positive Support for Challenging Behaviours: Services
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