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Be part of our asceNDers teen community

Welcome to asceNDers—your space to shine and connect! We welcome you into our community of awesome neurodivergent (ND) teen girls who lift each other up and celebrate what makes us uniquely us.


Weekly Hangouts: Your Voice Matters!

Join us every week for chats that are all about YOU! We pick topics that matter to us—like navigating friendships, embracing our strengths, and rocking our passions. Be part of a group who  get us, and together we inspire and support each other.


Unleash Your Superpowers: Own Your Awesome

Guess what? We're all about focusing on our super strengths! Let's discover what makes us special and learn how to use our unique gifts to conquer any challenge. At asceNDers, we're all about boosting each other up and crushing those goals!


Girl Gang Vibes: Connect & Thrive

This is more than a community; it's your squad. Meet girls who totally get you and become part of a crew that's here for you no matter what. Share stories, swap advice, and build friendships that lift your spirits and make you feel unstoppable!


Parent Power Hour: Let's Team Up

Parents rock too! Our monthly sessions help moms and dads understand what's up in our world. We talk about the same stuff you do, so they can better support us on our journey. It's all about building strong bonds and feeling understood at home.


What Makes asceNDers Unique

  • Girl Power: Embracing who you are and standing tall in your awesomeness.

  • Inclusivity: All girls welcome - no matter what makes us different, we're united.

  • Together We Grow: Learning, laughing, and lifting each other to new heights.

  • Fun & Friendship: Because life's better when you're surrounded by amazing girls like you!


Join asceNDers and let's rock this journey together. It's time to shine bright, embrace your inner superhero, and show the world what we're made of! 

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