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Terms & Conditions

Fees and Payment

Fees are chargeable in accordance with the programmes and membership as set out on 


Fees for membership, social groups and bootcamps are due in advance.  Fees for 1:1 coaching are due within 7 days of receipt of the invoice.


Fees should be paid in pounds sterling.


We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue amounts at the rate of 2.22% per month (equivalent to unauthorised overdraft rate from the bank). Your subsequent payments will be applied to interest and finance charges first, and then applied to fees/costs outstanding.


In the event of non-payment legal steps will be taken to retrieve monies due. 

In the event of court proceedings to retrieve unpaid fees, the client’s name will appear in papers. However, the content of consultation(s) will remain confidential.

Missed Sessions / Cancellations

In order for us to provide the best possible service it is important that clients attends sessions as arranged.  Cancelled sessions will be charged for at the full contracted rate if cancelled within 48 hours of the session starting.  If for any reason we are unable to attend a scheduled session, any fees paid will be reimbursed directly to your bank account.


Your bank details will be requested at the assessment so that any funds can be returned to you promptly in the event of a cancellation by us.

Monies will be refunded unless you have specifically asked for them to be used as a credit for the session if/when rescheduled. 


Compass Behavioural Consulting provides a safe and confidential service to all clients.  We will not disclose information regarding or obtained from a client; to a third party, without the express permission of that client and providing that it is in the best interests of the client to do so. The exceptions to this policy are:

  • For supervision.

  • Appropriate professionals involved in a client’s care.

  • Where the client is in breach of the Children’s Act.

  • Where the client is in breach of the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

  • Where we hold a sincere belief that the client’s behaviour or emotional state is a threat to himself or herself or someone else.

  • When we hold a sincere belief that another person is in imminent danger of physical harm from the client.

  • When police in investigating a crime are granted lawful access to that information.

  • Where a decision is made to break confidentiality, the client will be informed as soon as possible.

  • In the event of legal proceedings to retrieve unpaid fees, the client’s name will appear in papers. However, the nature of any consultation will remain confidential. 

  • If any third party is involved with the client’s care the client will be asked to sign a release of information form so that we can contact them.

Ownership of work/copyright assignment

Rights in all materials produced by us are and shall remain our absolute property.  You may use materials only for your private use to support the learning from your sessions.   You will not disclose or use the materials without our permission for any other purpose.


We will use materials that we have the rights to use. This may include third party material.  You must ensure that our rights and those of our third party suppliers are respected.


You may only photograph, record or video sessions if recording is agreed, the content delivered by us that is captured by you may only be used by you and may not be disclosed or shown to any other person.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

Attendance of sessions, social groups, bootcamps and/or community membership following receipt of Compass Behavioural Consulting Terms & Conditions will be seen as acceptance of them.

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