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4-Week Executive Functioning Skills

This bootcamp focuses on developing essential executive functioning skills such as organization, time management, planning, and task initiation. Kids and teens will engage in interactive online sessions and take-home challenges over four weeks to enhance their ability to navigate daily tasks and responsibilities more effectively.

4-Week Understanding Autism

Designed to promote self-awareness and understanding, this bootcamp provides insights into autism spectrum disorders. Kids and teens will explore various aspects of autism, including strengths and challenges, sensory processing differences, and communication styles. Erin will guide them using personalised activities to gain a deeper appreciation for their own neurodivergence.

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4-Week Self-Confidence Building

This bootcamp is dedicated to nurturing self-confidence and self-esteem. Over four weeks, kids and teens will learn techniques to recognise and embrace their unique strengths, develop positive self-talk, and cultivate resilience. With supportive one-on-one guidance from Erin and practical exercises, they will build a stronger sense of self-worth and empowerment.

4-Week Managing Anxiety

In this bootcamp, kids and teens will acquire tools to understand and manage anxiety effectively over four weeks. Sessions will cover relaxation techniques, mindfulness practices, and cognitive strategies to cope with anxious feelings. Erin will provide personalised support to help them develop personalised anxiety management plans tailored to their needs.

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4-Week Conversation Skills

This bootcamp focuses on improving conversational abilities and social interaction. Kids and teens will learn essential communication skills such as active listening, turn-taking, and initiating and maintaining conversations. Through interactive role-playing and practical exercises, they will gain confidence and competence in social interactions. Erin will provide personalised feedback and support throughout the bootcamp journey.

4-Week Study Skills

This bootcamp is designed to equip kids and teens with effective study strategies and techniques tailored to their unique learning styles. They will learn methods for improving focus, retaining information, and managing academic tasks efficiently. Topics covered include note-taking methods, time management for studying, and effective test preparation. Erin will provide personalised support and guidance to help them enhance their study skills and succeed academically.

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