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ABA Home Programmes

Comprehensive Skill Building

Compass provides bespoke behavioural therapy based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).  

ABA methods and strategies are scientifically proven to benefit children with social, communication, and behavioural challenges, including autism. Home programmes can be implemented by the family alone, or with the support of trained behavioural therapists. By working closely with you and your child we strive to create learning opportunities throughout every day.   

A quality home programme begins with an assessment to get an objective measure of your child's strengths and areas for development.  Treatment goals are identified based on your child's skills and preferences and priorities of your family. 

Compass uses a variety of assessment tools including:

  • VB-MAPP Verbal Behaviour Milestones and Placement Program

  • ​PEAK Relational Training System

  • Essential for Living

  • Early Start Denver Model

Goals are selected to enable learners to become independent and successful by breaking down desired skills into manageable steps.  We use the science of behaviour to make learning easy and fun.

Intervention effectiveness and learner progress is measured by objective, ongoing data collection, which is reviewed regularly and used to adjust teaching procedures and programme targets.  Quality home programmes have regular team meetings with family members and therapists to review progress, provide additional training and support.

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