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Students on a Break

Social Skills Coaching

Individual or Group

Does your child struggle to make or keep friends?


Are you worried that your child doesn’t stand up for themselves?


Does your child seem to always be at the “fringe” of the group?


Does your child seem to miss out on social cues?


Does your child have a tough time managing their emotions and using self-control?


Are you worried that your child is spending too much time alone?


Does your child seem to be a target for bullies?

Are you concerned about your child’s phone usage and social media addiction?


Compass places an emphasis on helping children develop social cognition and apply skills in the real world. 

We work on the development of social self-awareness, perspective taking/theory of mind, self-regulation, executive functioning, social-emotional understanding, social skills, organisational systems​ and more.

Erin has received training in:

ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy)

Social Thinking®


and is a 

certified PEERS® provider

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